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Joyce Woodhouse

Joyce Woodhouse

Christchurch, E9


My name is Joyce Woodhouse. I was born on the 29-4-38.
I lived in Macclesfield Cherhire England.
I came from a family with Mum and Dad and four brothers and seven sister's.
My dad loved his photography and developed his own prints.
I was delighted to go and watch the pictures come alive as they developed onto the
paper, wonderful to see it happen.

At 15 I left school and started to work in a silk mill this was the start of me becoming
a dress maker.
I was a dress marker and loved my work and it has been a great help to me over the years
making outfits for the music groups that I also trained to sing.
I got married on the 23-8-1958 to Trevor Woodhouse. The love of my life.
We have three children, one boy and two girls.

in 1964 on the 17 of October we emigrated to Western Australia.
In 1969 we went to work in New Guinea as missionaries with the Assemblies of God for five years.

Returning to Australia my husband and I pastured churches in Shepparton,
then in 1982 we moved to Christchurch New Zealand.
Returning to Australia to Ringwood in Victoria and then in 1996 we moved to Mildred where we had a Motel for six years
Yet another move in 2001 to Queensland staying there for 5 years, and then our latest move - back to New Zealand
to make our home near our youngest daughter and her family of three of our grandchildren.

We love new Zealand. The Country is wonderful and around ever corner there is another picture to stop and take.


Sky Colours


Fun for all.


Autumn Colours


Daisy Family.


Rainbow in the Sky


Fire in the Sky.


Peach Rose


River Cruse


Sunrise 6.30


Sunrise 6.30


Sunrise 6.30


Sunrise 6.30


Sunset this morning


Liverpool cloub shop.


Sunset Through a Cloudy sky




Country Road


Yellow Daisy


Orange Flower


Pail yellow Rose






Fishing day


The Flower Pot Man


Sunset after a worm day.